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From first to about three thousand fossilized bones/ pieces of bones of dinosaurs have been collected by me from the latest cretaceous (70-65 million years before) vitakri member/Dinosaur beds of uppe ... Read More

In Pakistan, about 70% people directly and indirectly depend on Agriculture for their lives. Agriculture provides 25% GDP of Pakistan have severely been affected by alkalinity and salinity. Effect of ... Read More

The fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) technology is growing very fast. Due to its merits, first time this technology has been introduced in Pakistan by installing 3 × 50 MW power plant at Khanote. The (F ... Read More

Sugar industry being an important player in the foreign exchange earning, also plays its part in pollutin the environment with its discharges. In this study three sugar mills were selected for the ana ... Read More

Stopped flow kinetics of the reduction of Fe(111)- Acetohydroxamic acid Complex by L-Cysteine was studied at pH 3.0(format buffer), 3.50(formate buffer), 4.0(formate buffer), 4.5(acetate buffer) under ... Read More

Medicinally important plants Acropitilon repens, Nepeta preatervisa in Balochistan, were investigated for phytotoxicity. The methanol extracts of the whole plants were analyzed for the phytotoxic effe ... Read More

To identify the constraints that hinder fruits production in general and apple production in particular the present study was designed and conducted in Killa Saifullah, Pishin and Ziarat districts of ... Read More

Pinus gerardiana is known as “chilgoza pine” which yields small edible seeds. The chilgoza pine is a small to medium sezed tree occasionally attaining a height of 24m and a girth of 3.5m. the pine is ... Read More

Fourteen hybrids of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)namely Suncremer-36, Hysun-38, ZR-123, LG-56-60, 15806,FH-106, 63 A 90, Rumbasol, Hysun-33(Chedk), Parsan-2(check),63 A 82,SF-187, G-101 and 64 A 57 ... Read More

With increased automobile population the emission of pollutants have increased mmanifold in Quetta city. Lead is one of many pollutants present in automobile emissions. The objective of present study ... Read More

Common aliments of sheep and goats and their tehsil wise distribution in the district Bolan was studied. The most common diseases found throughout the district are caused by lungs worm, wire worm and ... Read More

This paper studies the correlationsa between business environment and entrepreneurial orientation in an emerging capitalistic market. The city of Quetta in Pakistan was chosen for the study, which as ... Read More

Women community covers half of the world’s population who must have the right to live accordingly and utilize the resources. But, every coming day brings news of discrimination against women executed ... Read More

Parasitic diseases are responsible for heavy economic losses to livestock industry particularly due to lowered productivity of the affected animals. Many workers across the country have identified and ... Read More

A survey was carried out on economic efficiency of broiler breeder parent stock (BBPS) to know their housing pattern, production, hatching capabilities of eggs, investment on land, building, equipment ... Read More

The ubiquitous microprocessor has dramatically increased the world’s data processing capacity. The limiting factor in expanding computer analysis and control for clinical and biotechnological applicat ... Read More

From an applied point of view the outer most skin layers contain numerous structures by which penetrating radiation may be scattered as well as absorbed. The nature and strength of scattering and abso ... Read More

Several studies have been carried out to evaluate the mutagenic and carcinogenic potential of atrazine, the most prevalent of triazine herbicides classified as a “possible human carcinogen” The majori ... Read More

Fifty pathological samples (lungs) from pleuropneumonia suspected goats were collected from Quetta abattoir and cultured for Mycoplasma. Subsequent bacteriological investigations revealed 6 isolates. ... Read More

Histrotrophic nutrition was manipulated in adult Merino ewes during the course of a single reproductive cycle. From 18 days before until 6 days after ovulation. The effect of his relatively short-term ... Read More

Chemiluminescence (CL) in conjuction with flow injection analysis (FIA) shall be used to tide investigate the biotechnological potential of tris(2,2’-bipyridyl) ruthenium (II) system. CL using the Tri ... Read More

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the electric activity of heart. It is widely used for the identification and prognosis of cardiovascular disease. In this paper forecasting of electrocardiography signal is ... Read More

Acceleration changes index (ACI) is a fast and robust marker for analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) dynamics, the index characterizes the sign of difference of time series and theoretical study ... Read More

Eleven adenoviruses strains including six ovine prototypes, three uncharacterized ovine and bovine isolates and two uncharacterized llma isolates were digested with four different restriction enzymes ... Read More

Several problems from mathematics and computer sciences e.g. Harmonic Series, Tower of Hanoi and Traveling Salesman Problem require huge amount of memory and lot of computational power. Several attemp ... Read More

An epidemiological study of urinary bladder cancer was conducted on 106 patients with sex ratioFF: 265.5MM.The mean age at diagnosis was 56.65+1.3 38 years. Mean age at diagnosis for male patients (56 ... Read More

Faculty administration of pure Flurazolidone feed additive led to immunosupressiom in a normally behaving layer flock aging 19 wks at a public sector poultry farm Quetta.At the age of 20 weeks, immuni ... Read More

This research paper aims at to fix the exact status of Cro-Magnon Man in the line of evolution and to determine whether modern European human can be direct descendents of Cro-Magnon Man ant that whe ... Read More

Seven f3 lines and two parents of (Tricum eastivum L.) were tested at the Botanical Garden of Sind University of Agriculture Tandojam in the year 1993-94. Highly significant differences were observed ... Read More

Quantales were introduced by C.J Mulvey (2) to provide a non-commutative extension of the concept of locale (1). Certain authors (4) restrict the term quantale to mean those multiplicative lattices fo ... Read More

Ten open pollinated maize (Zea maize L.) population along with the original Population were tested at the post Graduate Research Station PARC University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. During spring and s ... Read More

Total protein, carbohydrates and calcium contents were estimated in the meat samples of 11 verities of sheep slaughtered in Quetta. In an order from highest to the lowest proportion neat protein conte ... Read More

The investigation was carried out to evaluate the influence of plant population on the seed Yield and oil content of Brassica species. The selected species were (Brassica napuus L.) cv. Rainbow and (B ... Read More

In a field experiment the response of canola to different levels of NPK (60-0-0,60-30-0,60-30-75, 90-30-75,90-60-100,120-60-75,120-60-100 and 150-90-100kg ha¯¹) was studied at the Agronomic Research A ... Read More

Theoritical calculations are performed on various flat plate collectors, i.e., dull nicked plated steel, tin plated, nickel, copper and aluminum sheets, at various tilt angles for Quetta (Pakistan) an ... Read More