Brand knowledge exists in consumer minds in the form of brand awareness and brand image. High level of brand awareness and positive brand image has the increased probability of a particular brand choice. This study was an attempt to measure the brand equity of two famous shampoo brands namely Head & Shoulder and Pantene by applying the conceptual framework of brand knowledge structure stated by Keller. Various statistical tools like Mean analysis and t-test were used to determine the brand equity of both the shampoo brands. Results indicate that Pantene has slightly higher brand equity than Head & Shoulder. Moreover, Current users have more favorable image and awareness level about both the shampoo brands compared with the non-current users.

Wisal Ahmed, Usman Ghani, Muhammad Imran. (2006) Comparative Study of Brand Equity - A Kevin Lan Keller Approach of Brand Knowledge Structure, The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Volume-14, Issue-2.
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