Orthographic complexities and Pre-requisites in Sindhi composing

Sindhi alphabet is based on the Arabic writing script, known as ‘Sindhi (Arabic)’. 52 letters-based this alphabet had been developed by the committee of 8 native experts, under the supervision of two British officers, in 1853 A.D. Inappropriately, some words are being written in their original spell and shape, by the letters of Arabic/Persian alphabets, even such letters are not included in the Sindhi alphabet, like: etc. It shows that the alphabet itself unable to provide the solution for certain kind of words. In fact, such kinds of the words are mostly used in the writings. Miss use of the letters and their shapes is another issue of the writings, which is not defined in widely yet. Sindhi letter ‘Heh’( ) plays immense role in the writings, because the aspirated & non-aspirated letters have been distinguished by its middle shape ( ػ٤ػ &ػڣػ.( Unfortunately, it is not technically publicized, so the native welleducated persons (writers, poets, journalists, teachers etc.) are confused to choose an appropriate shape. Mostly, shapes of the Heh ( ) and its usage is a challenge everywhere, especially printed and in the handwritten material, everybody seems to be confused. In this paper, such basic misunderstandings of the Sindhi writings are focused in the light of the letters listed below: 1. Heh gol ( ) 2. Noon ghuno (٥ڠ٤گ (for nasal sound ( ) 3. Yeh small or dot less Yeh ( ) 4. Arabic letter Kheh (ڊ( 5. Middle shape of Heh simple (ػڣػ( 6. Middle shape of Heh for aspiration (ػ٤ػ( 7. Final shape of Heh for Arabic words (٢ػ(

Shabbir. (2019) سوڌي ڪمپوزهگ ۾ اکري شڪلين جا موهجهارا ۽ گهرجون, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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