Sindhi Language: Problems and its future in global age

Globalization is a term denoting the emergence of a global society in which economic, political, environmental and cultural events in one part of the world quickly come to have strident significance for people in other parts of the world. Language and culture are intertwined because both have a complex relationship. The phenomenon of cultural globalization is rapidly affecting the diversity of many local languages and cultures due to the predominance of English language. It has brought too many challenges and endangered the existence of native languages of the world which will consequently eliminate or metamorphose the local languages. Sindhi language is one of them, facing the era of globalization too. Sindhi language is passing through a transitional period for its very survival. This research paper presents the study of the challenges faced by Sindhi language. Here are the main reasons and the possible solutions are described briefly.

Dr.Sajida Parveen. (2018) گلوبل دور ۾ سنڌي ٻوليَء کي درپيش مسئال ۽ ان جو مستقبل, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-2.
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