Shah Adul Latif Bhittai, Halakandi and his contemporaries of Halakandi

Halakandi (Old Hala) is the ancestral abode of forefathers of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (1689-1752), where his great grandfather Syed Mir Ali Shah was born and raised. Also, various other renowned Sufi saints and scholars including Makhdoom Ahmed Bhatti (d. 1527), Makhdoom Arabi Dayano (d.1572), Makhdoom Sarwar Nooh (1506- 1590) et al. were born and lived in this town. (Qani, 1989, 377-391) According to Dr N.A. Baloch, “Shah Latif, at his own behest, started his meaningful peregrinations and meetings from the same habitats and location where he had already been in the past along with his father. One of these journeys, on the northern side of the historic town of Old Hala (Halakandi) was near to Kotri which was first abode of Syeds. It was centre of scholars and Sufi saints.” (Dr Baloch, 2010, p 60). In this essay, an attempt is made to profile his three contemporaries: 1) Makhdoom Ibrahim Bhatti (1664-1700), renowned for writing religious treatise in Sindhi in verse, as was the tradition during that time, 2) Makhdoom Abdul Raoof Bhatti (1682-1752), who was famous for writing Malood (Songs for the Prophet PBUH) and 3. Maee Thoriyani, locally known as pious and saint lady.

Mohammad Habib Sanai. (2018) شاهه عبداللطيف ڀٽائي: هاال ڪنڊي ۽ اتي رهندڙ سندس همعصر مشاهير , Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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