A study of poetic plays of shaikh ayaz

Type of drama in the form of poetry is known as ‘poetic play’ or ‘verse drama’ in English literature. It is a kind of play in which dialogues are in poetic form and actors deliver them like the way poetry is recited. In Sindhi literature, the Italian term ‘Opera’ is commonly associated with poetic drama. Like other forms of poetry and drama, poetic play has been a very important feature of Sindhi literature. Shaikh Ayaz has written four poetic plays: Dodey Soomrey Jo Mot (Death of Dodo Soomro), Ranni Kot Ja Dharel (Dacoits of Ranni Kot), Bhaghat Singh Khe Phahi (Hanging of Bhaghat Singh) and the short play for children Mundun Jo Mandal (Setting of Seasons). This research article is an in-depth study of Shaikh Ayaz’s all four poetic plays keeping in view his poetic style and the contemporary trends in playwriting.

Dr. Fayyaz Latif. (2018) شيخ اياز جا سنگيت ناٽڪ:هڪ مطالعو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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