Critical Analysis of Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is one of the shortest genre of modern fictional literature which typically consists on fewer than one thousand words. Historically, it roots back from prehistoric period of somatic literature of 3500 B.C. Later on Aesop’s tales, Jataka tales and Punchtantar type of literary examples can be counted in the same context. In 1920 this genre had got its art formation from Europe and was renamed as short short story. The historical evolution of short short story in Sindhi literature can be associated with the tales of watayo fakir. After that in 2005, under the impact of European literature, short short story has got much popularity in Sindhi literature as well and is written to great extent covering multidimensional aspects of philosophical, psychological, social, political, economic, cultural, feudal and commercial aspects of Sindhi nation. The most famous Sindhi writers of this genre are Manzoor Kohyaar, Abbas Korejo and Ali Raza Qazi whose books are published. Beside this short short story is widely written in many of the Sindhi newspapers such as Awami Awaz, Kawish and Sindh Express, in magzines and also posted on cyber literature. Shortly, in this research paper I have thoroughly discussed and analyzed Flash fiction, its different formats, history, art and philosophy through different mediums.

Dr. Sajid Parveen. (2018) مختصر مختصر ڪهاڻي: تنقيدي جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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