Contribution of Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Khan Balouch for the Sindhi Language Authority

Meritorious services of Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Khan Balouch occupy an important part of the record of the Sindhi Language Authority right from its inception to making it stand on strong footing. After Sindh Government decided to establish the Sindhi Language Authority, Dr. Balouch was offered to be its founder Chairman. He accepted the offer and laid foundations for building and strengthening the institution. The Authority was established for three things, i.e. Teaching, Promotion, and Promulgation of the Sindhi language. What Dr. Balouch did, to achieve these objectives, has been briefly depicted in this paper. Dr. Balouch strongly believed that learning Sindhi effectively had everything to do with teaching it at the primary level. To this end, strategies were formulated and tangible results were achieved, e.g. seminars for teachers and publishing important books etc. He ensured that untiring work not only starts but continues for preserving and growing the educational, linguistic, and practical aspects of the extremely important asset – the Sindhi Language. Dr. Balouch focused on three important things about correct usage of the language: (a) Use of correct language in the textbooks (b) Use of Sindhi in the official correspondence (c) Availability of Sindhi dictionaries, encyclopedia’s, and reference material for correct usage of the language in the right form. Dr. Balouch charted out a comprehensive plan to conduct a quality research on the diversity and richness of the current Sindhi language considering its accents, literary terms, and words used in different areas. Due to this, study of the Sindhi language started on twelve geographical territories inside and outside of Sindh. At that time, the thing that required immediate attention was the usage of Sindhi for official correspondence and in the official recordkeeping. Dr. Balouch presented the case of the Sindhi language impressively and strongly by proving that the Sindhi was the approved official language so much so the rules and regulations thereof were also available. Because of hardwork of Dr. Balouch in the right direction to achieve aims and objectives of the Sindhi Language Authority, the Institution is there as an exemplary organization.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon. (2018) سنڌي ٻوليَء جي بااختيار اداري ۾ ڊاڪٽر نبي بخش خان بلوچ جون خدمتون, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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