A critical & analytical study of “Roshni: Shah Je Kalam ji Lughat” compiled by Dr. N.A. Baloch

Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai [1689-1752] was a great classical poet of Sindhi language, whose poetry has deeply influenced Sindhi society since his times. The collection of his poetry, known as Shah Jo Risalo (Shah’s Message), is the most popular and commonly read book in Sindhi language. Since he composed his poetry almost three centuries ago; it is, therefore, necessary to explain his diction and the words in common use at that time for better understanding of modern reader. The first publication of ‘Shah Jo Risalo’ came out in 1866 by a German author and philologist Ernest Trump [1828-1885], who also wrote another important book Grammar of the Sindhi Language compared with the Sanskrit-Prakrit and the Cognate Indian Vernaculars in 1872. After the first publication of Shah Jo Risalo, researchers, grammarians and lexicographers have written, and are still writing, many books and dictionaries to explain the poetry and lexis of Lateef. The most prominent among them are: Leelaram Watanmal, Bheroomal Maherchand Adwani, Mirza Qalich Beg, Dr. Hotchand Molchand Gurbakhshani, Dr. H.T. Sorely, Kalyan Adwani, Allama I.I. Qazi, Ghulam Mohammad Shahwani, Syed Najaf Ali Shah Kamtar Naqvi, Dr. A. Jabbar Junejo, Maamoor Yousifani, Dr. A Karim Sandilo, Dr. G.A Allana, Dr. Fahmida Hussain, Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasimi, Allahdad Janjhi, Banho Khan Shaikh, Usman Ali Ansari, Memon Ghulam Mustafa Mushtaq, Jeem Aen Munghani, Mohammad Hussain Kashif, Ustad Lighari, Dr. Aftab Abro, Saleem Bhutto Latiefi, Allah Rakhyo Butt, Anwar Dingrai and particularly Dr. N.A Baloch. Dr. N.A. Baloch [1917-2011] was an internationally recognized Sindhi author, researcher and lexicographer. He wrote a detailed study of poetry of Shah Lateef in 10 volumes including a dictionary, named Roshni: Shah Je Kalaam Jee Lughat (Enlightment: Dictionary of Poetry of Shah Lateef) This paper looks at literary aspects of Roshni.

Riyazat Barro. (2018) ڊاڪٽر بلوچ جي جوڙيل- “روشني: شاهه جي ڪالم جي لغت”تنقيدي۽ تحقيقياڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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