Characters of Shaikh Ayaz’s Stories – A Critical Analysis

Shaikh Ayaz is the star that shines on an eminent place on the sky of Sindhi literature. Because of his diction, Sindhi literature was enriched with new terms, traits, and trends, and purity of language prevailed in Sindhi poetry. Shaikh Ayaz possesses a peculiar style in presenting his poetry. This peculiarity pervades in his prose too. Shaikh Ayaz wrote 24 stories, that too in the early stages of his literary career. That’s why he is regarded as one of the initiating author of Sindhi stories. Shaikh has made his mark in prose, as he has in poetry. Ayaz plied the pen, when Sindhi story was in its early days and only few authors were writing Sindhi stories. Characters of Shaikh Ayaz’s stories were hardworking, revolutionary, oppressed, loving, cool, rebellious, and had sprouted from the soil and society of Sindh. This paper is a study of stories of Ayaz and characters thereof.

Hosh Mohammad Bhutto. (2018) شيخ اياز جي ڪهاڻين ۾ ڪردار نگاريَءجو تحقيقي ۽ تنقيدي جو جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-1.
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