Khairu-nnisa Jafery: A Study of her Personality and Literary work

Khairu-nnisa Jafery is said to be an idiosyncratic female Sindhi writer. She was born on 17th August 1947 in Hyderabad. She wrote her 1st story in 1974 at the age of 27. She wrote 9 exceptional stories in 24 years till her death in 1998. She wrote / delivered approximately 14 speeches, and some 5 obituaries. Like Maanik, Khairu-nnisa Jafery, was recognized as a bold story writer. To add to that, she was an extremely simple, straightforward, altruistic, and brave woman. Using her fictional characters craftily, she has psychoanalyzed the scenarios immaculately. That’s exactly what Elliot did. Her stories magnificently depict psychological, innermost, mental, and emotional female moods. This paper highlights her life and literary contributions

Naseer Mirza. (2017) خيرالنساء جعفري : شخصيت ۽ فن–هڪ اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-10, Issue-2.
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