(Message of Love, Affection & Peace in poetry of Bardo Sindhi)

Muhammad Ramzan Lashari, well known as Bardo Sindhi, is one of the classico-modern poets of Sindhi language. His poetry is a milestone of modern values and parameters in all regards, without compromising on classical fabric. He is well acknowledged as the poet of pure hearts and simplicity as his themes and diction are based solely on rural folks who love to be peasants and workers. Even though, his stature is well recognized by Shaikh Ayaz, but somehow his name remains oblivious these days. This paper attempts to identify and analyze the themes of love, affection and patriotic enthusiasm in his Geets (lyrical poetry) and other genres of poetry. Things touched upon, in this paper are: his introduction, status, significance, and place in classical and modern Sindhi poetry. His poetry has also been analyzed thematically. Finally, conclusion has been drawn based on the themes and diction.

Mubarak Ali Lashari. (2017) بردي سنڌيَء جي شاعريَء ۾ پيار، محبت۽ امن جو پيغام, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-10, Issue-2.
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