(A short analysis of Philosophy of Classical Sindhi Poetry)

Sindhi is one the ancient languages; also alive, along with it, is its classical past. It is rich in its unique cultural traditions and huge resources of classical and modern literature. The tradition of Sindhi poetry, in terms of folk songs, goes back to thousands of years. However, we have first available songs dating back to 1290 AD only. The earliest recorded verses of Sindhi poetry are based on folk tales with an attached philosophical or Sufi connotation. Classical Sindhi poetry is a valuable asset of the Sindhi literature, which is overwhelming with high moral and human values and philosophical meaning. The classical Sindhi poetry provides the ideological framework to modern Sindhi poets. Classical poets preached humanism, and universal love. In addition, classical Sindhi poets effectively opposed all types of extremism and hatemongering. In this paper, literary, moral and philosophical values of classical Sindhi poetry are discussed which are unique in many ways. The poetry of Qazi Qadan, Makhdoom Nooh, Shah Karim Bulari Waro, Shah Lutufullah Qadri, Meyun Shah Ina’t Rizivi, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Rohal Faqeer, Schal Sarmast, Bhai Chain Ry Sami, Sufi Dalpat, and Khalifo Nabi Bux Laghari, et al have been analyzed for their contributions.

Rab Deno Raaz. (2017) سنڌي اساسي شاعريَء جو فلسفو: مختصر جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-10, Issue-2.
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