The empowerment of women is considered as one of the key drivers of achieving social and economic progress. The notion of women entrepreneurship is embedded in offering independence, self-development and financial stability to women. This research is aims at exploring the relationship between women entrepreneurship and its underlying motivation within the framework of pull and push aspects of motivation. By adopting quantitative research approach, a survey questionnaire was administered to 150 women entrepreneurs in the city of Hyderabad. In order to analyze the study data, the correlation coefficient and multiple regression statistical approaches were employed through SPSS version 20. The study findings corroborate that women entrepreneurs draw higher inspiration from pull aspects of motivation relative to push aspects of motivation. This research highlights the significance of intrinsic attributes of motivation that ultimately shape women entrepreneurs’ willingness to start new business.

Dr. Sobia Shafaq Shah, Dr. Asif Ali Shah, Dr. Saima Kamran Pathan, Dr. Komal Ansari. (2017) The Consideration Of Motivational Aspects To Boost Women Entrepreneurship, The Women - Annual Research Journal of Gender Studies, Volume-09, Issue-1.
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