This research paper aims to analyze the problems of working women in textile industry. The paper also examines the levels of job satisfaction with wage discrimination among the workers. The research study was conducted in two industries. A sample of 190 respondents was randomly selected from both industries (45 from Nageena and 45from Dewan industry). According to the survey, 80 percent of female working in the industry reported that they had to work longer hours than men and 75 percent women had lack of opportunity provided by their employers for training. Highest percentage of unskilled female is working on daily wage basis. About 43 percent of female respondents reported that they were offered job or promotion on the basis of sexual favor and 14 percent of the female respondents reported that they are harassed in the form of catcalls while 18.9 percent are harassed in the form of gesture. About 20 percent female reported that they are harassed by mobile calls. Based on the results it is concluded that women have been violated in different ways in different job category on work place.

Ghazala Umer Baghal, Dr. Parveez Ahmed Pathan, Dr. Shahabuddin Mughal, Sadaf Saeed. (2016) An Empirical Analysis Of Socio-economic Determinants Of Working Women In Textile Industry: A Case Study Of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan, The Women - Annual Research Journal of Gender Studies, Volume-08, Issue-1.
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