This study seeks to address gender-related and other major problems women businesspersons encounter in major cities of Sindh province. Drawing upon qualitative data gathered through focus group discussions, this study contributes important findings in the area of women entrepreneurship. Empirical evidence suggests gender discrimination prevails irrespective of big and small town across the study areas. Immediate family members such as husband or brother in the name of culture, family-name and honour resist women engaged in business. Study also provides policy recommendations for government authorities, family members, friends and relatives how to motivate women to do business and seek empowerment and motivation. Also, study suggests that successful women need to come forward to present themselves as role models for women in business.

Farah Lalani, Samina Abbas Khokhar, Yasmin Perdesi, Jamshed Adil Halepota. (2012) Gender Issues With Women In Business: A Qualitative Study From Sindh Pakistan, The Women - Annual Research Journal of Gender Studies, Volume-04, Issue-1.
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