American companies of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been ruling the Pakistani market, but the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by America created a hatred for the Americans which was expressed in the form of boycotting American products. These reactions brought in a considerable decrease in the demand of Pepsi and Coke at that time and paved the way for non-American brands like Mecca Cola, Amrat Cola and so forth. Most of these brands were positioned on the basis of religion. This study investigated whether the negative attitude still exists for the American brands and that whether people have accepted the non-American brands or not. The results show that American brands are still very popular and non-American brands have not capitalized the opportunity due to poor quality and taste.

Usman Ghani , Bahrawar Jan, Wisal Ahmad, Muhammad Imran. (2007) A Comparative Study of Attitudes of People towards American and NonAmerican Carbonated Drinks after 9/11 in Urban Areas of Peshawar, The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Volume-15, Issue-1.
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