Medicinal plants are conventionally used for the treatment of various diseases due to their world-wide occurrence and least side effects. Melia azedarach L. belongs to the family Meliaceae, is a highly significant medicinal plant. Extracts of M. azedarach obtained from its different parts such as seed, fruit, flower, leaf, and young branches are reported to exhibit antifungal, antihelmintic, nematicidal, diuretic, cytotoxic, antiproliferative, insecticidal and antioxidant activities. Thus the aim of this study was to explore the chemical profile of non-polar extract of M. azedarach leaves through GC-MS analysis. The identification of phytochemical compounds is based on molecular ion peak, base peak, and fragmentation pattern. GC-MS analysis of hexane extract of M. azedarach showed a highly complex profile, containing ketones, ethers, fatty acid derivatives, methyl esters, 1,3-dipalmitate, 7,8-dihydrocarpesterol, and 2- Undecanol. This study will be useful to explore the active components of medicinal plants and can validate their medicinal value.

R. Habib, A. Mohyuddin, Z. Khan, T. Mahmood. (2017) Analysis of Non-polar Chemical Profile of Melia Azedarach L., Scientific Inquiry and Review, Volume 1, Issue 1.
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