In the globally changing scenario water is becoming scarier and important due to its nonavailability for the communities in almost every corner of the world. Focusing on the importance of the water a ... Read More

In most of the structures, failure occurs due to stress concentrations having notches, sharp corners with different radii’s due to the built in geometry of the structure, thereby tend to weaken the ... Read More

E-voting is flattering more stimulating chore over whole the world. It’s essential for Pakistan to contrivance it because of the unlawful implication of some dynamic peoples in Pakistan. E-voting is ... Read More

In the present study four native sheep breeds of Balochistan such as Balochi, Bivirigh, Harnai and Rakhshani production data of 410 sheep were used. The data were collected from multi purpose sheep ... Read More

This study was aimed to isolate and identify the frequency of E .coli causing urinary tract infection in human beings. Total of one hundred (100) urine samples were collected from patients in sterile ... Read More

The process of rapid urbanization is more observable in developing countries where few cities are expending with an alarming rate and resulting in the increasing number of slums. One important reaso ... Read More

It has been nearly a decade that Pakistan formally started its e-Government initiatives by establishing E-government Directorate (EDG). There are many challenges and critical success factors faced b ... Read More

Educational Decision-makers need reliable information on schools, students, and other resources. There is need for to provide a decision support system at district and region level which analyze the ... Read More

Serum disorder (deviation from normal function of serum) can cause several significant health problems. It is present globally and present in the local population of Balochistan. The responsible thi ... Read More

Serum disorder (deviation from normal function of serum) can cause several significant health problems. It is present globally and present in the local population of Balochistan. The responsible thi ... Read More

Some properties and applications of Hermitian operators composed of any integral operator and its adjoint and its application to uncertainty principle are studied. It includes the mathematical defin ... Read More

The sublimation condensation technique is one of the most convenient separation methods used commercially. The parameters that affect the deposition layer thickness in desublimation heat exchanger t ... Read More

Sunflower originated from Latin America, has become the major oil crop world wide. It is also an important edible oil crop in Pakistan. Major research has been conducted regarding genetic variance i ... Read More

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging and is the most demanded segment in IT industry. It provides scalable computing resources according to the need of an organization on comparatively minor expendit ... Read More

The research article examines the three distinguished heuristics approaches for solving the N-Queens problem. The problem is widely recognized as constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) in the domain ... Read More

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an organization of static and wireless mobile nodes having no any central administration and fixed infrastructure. In MANET, each node can acts as routing and hostin ... Read More

A quantale is a semigroup in SUP. A right Gelfand quantale is a complete lattice equipped with an associative binary operation & (possibly non-commutative) which is idempotent, has right identity and ... Read More

Recent concerns about the presence of pesticide residues in surface and groundwater have resulted in a need for computer model simulation to assess the impacts of agrichemicals on potential surface ... Read More

The conventional software designing tools do not address the software security design, the security considerations are taken care of independently and there is no de facto unified mechanism•to•desig ... Read More

Maintaining adequate soil moisture in the root zone is crucial in achieving good plant growth. Accurate measurement of soil moisture is essential to keep the right level of soil moisture. Many studi ... Read More

A certain UIR matrix element of SO(2, 1), when evaluated by two different methods, leads to two different integral expressions for it. The identity of these two expressions is established by using a ... Read More

Several strategies were tested and studied to find injection and production procedures that “cooptimize” oil recovery and CO2 storage. The results show that traditional reservoir engineering technique ... Read More

Outdoor-to-Indoor propagation loss has been measured in four buildings in urban microcells. The results of the performed experiment as well as those of several other authors, are compared with COST2 ... Read More

The plant extracts and phytochemicals, with antibacterial properties, have immense importance in therapeutic treatments. A research was conducted to find out the antibacterial activities of plant sp ... Read More

The world has moved on to realizing the importance of water, because scarcity of fresh water exists more or less every where in the world. With the economy largely dependent on irrigated agriculture, ... Read More

This paper covers the progress made in research on microbial alpha-amylase, a highly demanded industrial enzyme in various sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, detergents, etc. Amylases ... Read More

Like all over the world the organizations in Pakistan are making massive investments to establish and better manage the Information Technology infrastructures; to gain insight into the current state ... Read More

The technological and structural changes have revolutionized every field of business and Human Resource (HR) is no exception. In an environment in which the workforce keeps changing, laws change, an ... Read More

A total of 100 raw milk samples of bovine were collected in sterile screw capped tubes(each 5ml) from Government Dairy Farm(45 samples) , Private Dairy Farms (45 samples) and Private Milk Shops(10 s ... Read More

For 2n= p+q where p and q are primes, the pair (p, q) is called Goldbach pair (or Goldbach partition) and any constituent prime of a Goldbach pair for 2n will be called the Goldbach prime associated w ... Read More

A study was carried out to evaluate the comparative nutritive value of cotton seed cake and cotton seed meal in Thalli and Sipli breeds to assess their fattening potential. For this purpose 60 male ... Read More

Heavy metals in small concentration in environment are considered to be harmful. Heavy metals are one of the environmental toxins. They have carcinogenic impact on animals, since they are not metabol ... Read More


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