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The study deals with the impact of performance related pay (PRP) as part of an employee reward system on the development of an organization. This is a highly debated research topic in academia and c ... Read More

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The current research examined the effect of knowledge management (hereafter K-M) in the sector of oil & gas automation of Pakistan. In this paper, we analyzed the perceived importance of K-M from th ... Read More

The purpose of the research is to investigate the personal factors (Personality traits, social capital and leadership) and their impact on the sustainability of Pakistani social organizations. These ... Read More

Solitarily, a meaningful work on the part of the wage-earner perennially legitimizes his raison d'être. At the same time, the predicaments pertaining to psychological empowerment in general and adop ... Read More

This paper aims to explore various perceptions about capacity development, and its implementation in Pakistani Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Owing to the dearth of literature regarding how ... Read More

The purpose of this research study is to empirically test the impact of ambidextrous leadership on project success with innovation as a mediator and self-efficacy as a moderator. The sample was draw ... Read More

The purpose of the exploratory case study is to understand the reasons why leaders lack considering ecological validity in the global diamond jewelry production process and high council for Kimberley ... Read More

Employees’ and organizational performance and organizational culture are highly correlated. Employees working in a conducive environment have a positive attitude towards the job and a sustainable re ... Read More

Property rights are complex and multifaceted economic attributes with myriads of socio-economic and political ramifications. In Pakistan, in the majority of cases, the rights to the protection of pr ... Read More

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Based on signaling theory this research focused to examine the impact of product and price fairness on women’s buying attitude. Moreover, current study also explores the underlying mechanism of bran ... Read More

Financial slack resources are unutilized assets and capabilities. According to Resource-Based View, such resources are concealed energies and can boost the financial performance of an organization. ... Read More

The crucial factors deciding the performance of small and medium scale enterprises (SME) are amply discussed in the literature, however, the factors mediating and moderating this association are rare ... Read More

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The wastage of leather industry is polluting the water, air and soil in Pakistan. This kind of population is distressing the natural environment and increasing the diseases, which is alarming situat ... Read More

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The purpose of the current study was to test self-esteem, extraversion, risk-taking propensity, proactive personality and generalized self-efficacy as predictors of constructive deviance behaviors a ... Read More

The present study aims to analyze the three-factor asset-pricing model applicability in south Asian countries and addressed the methodological issues by introducing alternative measure of size that ... Read More

The present study aimed at developing and validating an indigenous Organizational Leadership Successfulness Scale (OLSS) as per employee’s perceptions. Study has been conducted into two phases. In S ... Read More

The demand for good reputation has increased more due to pressure of globalization and internationalization of higher education (Lafuente-Ruiz-de-Sabando, Zorrilla, & Forcada, 2018) where national c ... Read More

The main objective of this research paper is to propose a newly introduced concept of Green Business Ethical Practice (GBEPs) which is a composite set of 18 practices include consisting of elements t ... Read More

The manufacturing sector has played a pivotal role for the development of the economies. It generates jobs, earn foreign reserves by exports and serves domestic economy as well. Given the importance ... Read More

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The right for right place can make a big difference for the growth of organization human resource playing a significant role. To further strengthen the organization, the tasks are being assigned on ... Read More

The prime objective of the current study is to examine the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and FP of manufacturing firms listed in PSX. In addition to that, the mediating role of all ... Read More

Unlike previous studies that examine the effect of behavioral biases on investor decision-making, this study explores the root causes of behavioral biases and examines the mediating role of behavior ... Read More

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The primary purpose of the study is to explore the antecedents of corporate social and environmental responsibilities discourse practices in Pakistan. The industry sensitivity, government shareholdi ... Read More

This study examined the impact of employee empathy on customers’ advocacy directly and indirectly through customers’ loyalty. Moreover, the interacting effect of customers’ trust was verified betwee ... Read More

The present study has attempted to identify the relationship between hedonic and utilitarian gratification with social network gaming habitual behavior while considering the mediating role of flow e ... Read More

The study explains the goals’ based formation of relational PC (objective-1) differently for younger and older workers at shorter and longer tenures (objective-2). Hypotheses were developed lensing ... Read More

his paper examines the relationship between financial constraints and the stock returns explaining the pricing of stock through financially constrained and unconstrained firms in Pakistan. Three pro ... Read More

This paper estimates change in Pakistan Railways (PR) efficiency over time. It is important to see the performance in a dynamic context. Based on the fundamental CCR-BCC (Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes, ... Read More

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There are numerous causes responsible for attaining performance efficiency of human resource within the organizations. In this pursuit, the current research has been aimed to further evaluate the re ... Read More

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