A study of preferential form of the second last diacritical mark in infinitive

The issues related to Preferential Form of Words were under consideration from 1888 to 1999 at Government level on top priority basis in Sindhi language. A heated debate over it also had been in 2008 by Sindhi Language Authority that drained out a big amount in investment without any result, so many problems remained unsolved. There has always been the problem of diacritical mark on second last letter in infinitive due to dialectical differences in Sindhi Language, for ُڻ :instance ُڻ/ اَڏِ in prevalent are usages various Thoughُ . ڻ َچکَ ُڻ َ / چ ِک -اَڏَ language which are correct in themselves in their forms, yet we have to set the standard forms according to the grammatical rules and regulations. This issue has been highly noticed in ‘Jamia Sindhi Lughaat’, which are only cut and pasted in ‘Mufasil Sindhi Lughat’ to its fifth edition without any progress. These forms of infinitives are used with diacritical mark of ‘Zair’ rather than ‘Zabar’ in ‘Sahiti Languge region/ Wicholo Dialect (Standard Dialect), Such as: ڻ ‘ ُ ِس اَڏ - ُڻ ِ کَ - ِو ِسار ُڻ - اُ ِ ڀار ُڻ’. As per rule of Sindhi language, the command/ imperative words end on Short vowels/ Diacritical marks ‘Paish’ and ‘Zair’. So, if infinitive consists of diacritical mark of ‘Zabar’ on second last letter, the command words will be with ‘Paish’, if the infinitive consists of ‘Zair’ on second last letter, the command words will be with the same ‘Zair’ again. For example:  Zabar is changed into Pesh: ڻَ ُک - ِل کُ ِ ل کَ ِس ُڻ - کَ ِس :unchanged remains Zair  ڻ‘ ُAccording to the grammatical structure, the command words of اُڀار - َ - کَ ُڻ ُڻ ُڻ َچ - اَڏَ َ َ کَس - ُڻ ’ ,will be as : ‘ وسارِ اُڀار - ُ ُس َچ ُک - -اَڏُ َک - ُ . This study وساaims at clarifying the unsuitability of those command words from the above-mentioned infinitives which are sub-standardly used. The appropriate forms of command words from these infinitives will be as: ‘اُ ِ ڀار - َچ - -اَڏ ِک ِ . Thus, accommodating the grammatical rules ‘، سار ِو - ِس ِکَ - ڻ ُڀارُ ِ اand regulations, we should prefer the form of infinitive words as: ُڻ ِس ُڻ َچ - ِک اَڏ - ُڻ ِ کَ - ِو ِسار ُڻ’

Dr. Altaf Jokio. (2020) مصدر جي آخر کان اڳئين حرف جي اعراب جو ترجيحي معاملو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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