Shah Latif, Indus civilization and Indo-European language: A historical study

language and Indo-European Languages in the light of Shah Abdul Latif's Poetry. Through this paper, searched the impact of Indus Civilization on the East. It has been searched many linguistic aspects and roots of a Proto Indo-European languages through migration in Hunters and Gathrers Society Era to mature urban phase of Mohenjo-Daro from Indus Valley to West and due to such cultural assimilation process to evaluate `Indo-European Peoples` and Indo European Languages. In this Paper Search roots of `Ari`, `Ariya` even `Sawastika` in Sindhi Classical Poetry. The Sign of Proto Indus Language is Mono Syllabic Words. These words are evolved through a process of language. Some of them are compound words which indicate prefix and suffix. In this paper these types of mono Syllabic words are mentioned in the light of Shah latif's Poetry as well as in different regional dialects of Sindhi language. Modern research tells that there have been efforts of linguistic Sindhu civilization on the East. Arians predictive image also emerged from there. This continuity came into being from a great social human evolution. In different geographical regions of the Sindhi language, many mono-syllabic words are there, which are prominent in today’s Sindhi in compound and simple forms.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Qureshi. (2020) شاهه لطيف، سنڌوسڀيتا ۽ سنڌ - يورپي ٻولي: هڪ تاريخي اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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