Nandiram Meerani – the founder of scientific and sociological terms in Sindhi language

Dewan Nandiram Sehwani (1819-1875) was born in Sehwan. He had vast scholarship in Persian, Sindhi, Hindi and other languages. He started working as Munshi and translator in the office of Commissioner, later he joined as a teacher at Normal School of Karachi. He was the person, who actually prepared the existing Sindhi Alphabet. In his book, “History of Sindh” he has given in detail about his role in that committee. He was a trusted person of B. H. Ellis; therefore most of the assignments regarding books and reports were prepared by him. He wrote many text books and translation of academic books in Arabic-Sindhi characters. He won a handsome amount as award for his translation of Tarikh Mausmi into Sindhi. His major works are Bab-Namo, Esop’s Fables, History of Sindh, Geography of the World, Drawing Book and many others. He is called the father of modern Sindhi prose. This research paper focuses on his role in introduction of scientific, social science, drawing, geometry, mathematics, etc. terminology in Sindhi language, which is ever big example in Sindhi.

Mukhtiar Ahmad Mallah. (2020) سنڌي ٻوليَء ۾ سائنسي ۽ سماجي علمن جي اصطالحن جو باني ننديرام ميراڻي‘سيوھاڻي , Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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