Makhdoom Muhammad sadiq: a renowned teacher of Thatta

For many centuries, Thatta has been center of knowledge and literature. But from twelfth century of hijra, educational development of Thatta could be seen from Tuhfat-al-Karam, maqalat-ul-shuara and other books of the period. Like these kinds of educational zenith of thata Farid Bakhri watched in eleventh century and called Thatta as `Iraq Thani` (second Iraq). In beginning of the twelfth century (1111 A.D) Hemilton called Thata the city of success, literature, politics and religious and said in Thatta there were four hundred colleges. Makhdoom Muhammad sadique siddiqui has been a well-known teacher of Thatta city. He taught various religious uloom at Thatta. He travelled to Harmen Shrifen for getting more command on Uloom e Hadith. He learned a lot from their scholars. After completion of his studies in Harmen, he resumed his duties and delivered his knowledge to his homeland students. He also travelled to Bhuj and Katch, where he died. Makhdum Abdullah Naryai, Abdul Kareem Noushahrai and Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob Tunio remained well known because of his guidance and teaching. In this paper, various aspects of Makhdoom Muhammad Sadique Siddiqui`s services for religious Uloom, Guidance to students, Fiqh and Fatwa have been discussed in detail.

Dr. Muhammad Anas Rajap, Dr. Muhammad Ali Laghari. (2020) مخدوم محمد صادق ٺٽوي صديقي: ٺٺي جو هڪ نامور استاد, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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