Sindhi Basic/ classical poetry: A brief introductory research

Dr Nabi Bux Khan Baloch had a pretty great knowledge about the Sindhi folk poetry, classical poetry, modern poetry and including prosodic poetry. He had a good study of Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English poetry. He compiled and got published poetic works of some of the poets who had composed their poetry in different languages. He had a keen eye on such early and evolutionary poetry. Apart from that, he was well-aware of Sindhi poetry's evolution and trends, nobody can match him. After a vast study of poetry of other languages of the Sub-continent. Dr Baloch did his research about Sindhi poetry which was known as Classical poetry. He was of the opinion that a genre of classical poetry has made Sindhi poetry's canvas very limited and Sindhi poetry was dependent on other languages. In this context, Dr Nabi Bux realised this, so he used a trend of early poetry. He diverted readers' attention towards Sindhi poetry's originality, evolution, significance and its substance. He used words like classical poetry, Alla Sindhi poetry and Sindhi Asaasi Shairi. He used to insist on assigning high standard to early poetry. In this research paper the word “Asaas” is being discussed in its contextual meaning.

Dr. Hakim Barro. (2020) سنڌي اساسي شاعري - مختصر تعارف تعارفي تحقيق, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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