Consensus and disagreements of Shaikh Ayaz with Saami

Sami has great importance in classical Sindhi poetry. He not only has expressed Vedic philosophy in Sindhi language in a very impressive and poetic way but also tried to explain his inner being in his poetry. Sami’s poetry is essentially preaching of his principles and core spirit of his principles is ‘MAYA’. For him this world and its material fascination are deception visual, One can never be able to achieve tangible amity by connecting with substantial, but only by identifiable searching one may accomplish destination. His poetry possesses message of love, peace, humanism and eternity. Shaikh Ayaz is also inspired by Sami’s thoughts. Especially politeness of his personality and softness of his poetry attracts Ayaz a lot, but he has hostile disagreements with Sami as to the philosophy of ‘MAYA’. This research paper is mainly focused on study of Sami’s ideology, his poetic expression and his impacts on the poetry of Shaikh Ayaz. Likewise Ideological differences and artistic coherence among two great poets of their times have been discussed in a very facet manner and proved with references that though conceptually Ayaz has a few conflicts with Sami, he has learned much from his poetry and has great regard and respect for this sage and Sufi poet.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed Fayyaz Latif. (2020) شيخ اياز جا ساميَء سان اختالف ۽ اتفاق, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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