Role of ‘Maddrsa Makhzan ’issued by Sindh Maddresstul Islam in Sindhi Literature

Sindh Madrasa was established In Karachi by Khanbahadar Hassan Ali Effendi in September 1885, with the sole aim to provide English or Modern Education along with religious education to Sindhi Muslims. But regressive elements vehemently opposed this institution. To present its objectives and suitable replies to the opposition, the Sindh Maddrasa started publication of a literary magazine in November, 1903. In this magazine along with Sindhi, pages for Urdu, English and Gujrati were separately allocated. This magazine used to publish religious, ethical, educational, historical and reform literature mostly composed in prose, but few poems were also published. Writers of this magazine mostly comprised on students and teachers of Sindh Madrassa. `Madrasssa Makhzan` appropriately presented objectives of the Institution amongst Sindhi Muslims. When Sindhi Muslims were reluctant to educate their children on English or modern Education, then, this magazine created favourable environment which enabled Sindh Madarassa to achieve its objectives. Main purpose of this study is to describe how this magazine, which was started in 1903, and used to be published after some gaps for a long time, played its role in the enrichment of Sindhi literature. Indeed, this magazine occupies an important place in Sindhi Literature, but it is unknown to new writers and readers. Therefore, for their insight, this essay is presented, so that this forgotten chapter of Sindhi literature, which contains rich material about Sindhi society and educational situation in the British era, could be rediscovered.

Dr. Mumtaz Bukhari. (2020) سنڌ مدرسة االسالم طرفان جاري ٿيندڙ ‘مدرسه مخزن’ جو سنڌي ادب ۾ ڪردار)1903-1947), Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-2.
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