Need for Modern Sindhi Grammar

Sindhi language has been written in Birhami, Paali, Gurmukhi, Khojki, Gujrati and Devnagri scripts since ancient times, but such literature is no more extant. The experts of language know that Panini Sahib wrote first grammar in this region in Sanskrit, in which he formulated some rules and regulations about language by which Sanskrit developed. This grammar was developed in 400 BC. William Henry Wathen wrote first Sindhi grammar in 1836. It follows the pattern of Persian grammar. Later on, George Stack wrote his book on Sindhi grammar in 1849. Dr Ernest Trump also wrote Sindhi grammar by carrying out a good deal of research. After him, Grammarians resorted to imitation which is apparent in several cases. Dr. Trump has presented the examples under the title “Sindhi Isiman Joon Pichharriyon” (Suffixes of Sindhi Nouns). Mirza Qaleech Baig has put forth almost similar examples in the first topic of chapter five. Wahid Bakhsh Sheikh has taken the same example from Arabic, Persian and Sindhi and presented them accordingly. After this, many books of similar nature on Sindhi grammar have been published with mere change of words. After the study of various references of the books, examples and considering the opinions of the experts, this article proposes that a committee consisting of well-versed figures in Sindhi Grammar be constituted, which should closely examine the characteristics of Sindhi language, its peculiar qualities, patterns, word-settings, description and grammar in order to prepare modern grammar of Sindhi language on the basis of modern principles.

Dr. Aftab Abro. (2020) جديد سنڌي گرامر جي ضرورت, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-1.
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