Analyzation of kinds of dictionaries

It is an established fact that language is a vital social tool of communication which enables people to share their ideas and thoughts with one another. Without language, a society cannot exist. A person’s strong and effective talking, speaking and writing power and skills depend on his or her practice of carefully chosen words. However; it is not possible for a person to know and understand all the words of a language with their variety of meanings and, use the entire range of vocabulary or make sense every word. In order to solve this problem, dictionaries were compiled and written. With the passage of time, a variety of different kinds of dictionaries appeared such as Monolingual, Unilingual, General Purpose Dictionaries, Bilingual and Multilingual or Polyglot Dictionaries, Scholarly Dictionaries, and Special Dictionaries. Special types of dictionaries contain various formats. These include Etymological Dictionaries, Dictionaries of Skills and Arts, Educational Dictionaries, Dialectal Dictionaries, Dictionaries of Classical and Modern Poets and Prose Writers, Dictionaries of Sacred Books, Dictionaries of Proverbs, Idioms and Phrases, Dictionaries of Ancient and Obsolete Words, Chronological Dictionaries, Biographical Dictionaries, Encyclopedic and Reference Dictionaries, Pronouncing Dictionaries, Conceptual Dictionaries, Dictionaries of Usage, Slang Dictionaries, Dictionaries of names, and Dictionaries of Quotations. I have attempted to analyze aforesaid kinds of dictionaries in a detail coupled with examples from dictionaries in Sindhi language in an exclusive manner.

Dr. Riaz Barro. (2020) لغتن جا مختلف قسم: هڪ جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-1.
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