Critical Analysis of Manik’s Novel: “Saahu Muth Men”

Manik (1943-1982) is an existentialist fiction writer in the Sindhi Literature. In his short stories and novels, he has depicted the inner feelings of the common Sindhi people. His famous Novel Saah Muth Men (literally means breath held in fist). Saah Muth Men is a Sindhi proverb which means “caught in worst conditions”. This novel was written during the last years of the One Unit and early nineteen eighties (1980’s). Due to adverse political conditions in Sind; Karachi, the mega city was passing through the horrible circumstances during that period. In this novel, writer has portrayed the fear and terror that had engulfed common Sindhi people, especially the working class in Karachi. The core theme of this novel is resistance. Due to the terrible conditions of the city, the hero of the novel faces severe suppression and remains in melancholy. In this research article, I have attempted to explore mainly the element of resistance as portrayed in the Novel. I have also focused on certain existentialist elements present in the novel. Additionally, I have presented critical analysis of this novel.

Dr. Sher Mehrani. (2020) ماڻڪ جي ناول “ساهه مٺ ۾”جو تنقيدي جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-1.
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