Architecture and Restoration of the Tombs of Suhagan and Duhaghan

The tombs of Suhagan and Duhagan built in naked brick architecture are located, in Taluka Rohri, District Sukkur. The naked brick/exposed brick style of architecture is known to have come to this region from Afghanistan and later found in Baluchistan and southern Punjab and are considered to be of Ghorid period. According to a popular belief as pointed out by Dr. Ahmed Nabi Khan (1987-88), both these tombs belonged to Shakar Ganj and Khatal-al-Din Shah which were constructed in the late 12 th and early 13th century A.D. Badar Abro is also of the same opinion that these tombs were constructed in Ghorid period and belonged to Shakar Ganj and Khatal-al-Din Shah. The details of the cut brick panels on both the tombs are marvelous and are compared in the paper. Recently Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh (hereafter EFT) has restored the Tombs of Suhagan and Duhagan. Author is thankful to CDC-EFT Jamshoro for providing drawings and pictures of Suhagan and Duhagan Tombs.

Ishtiaq Ansari. (2020) سهاڳڻ ۽ ڏهاڳڻ جامقبرا،ف ِنتعمير ۽ بحالي, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-1.
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