An Analysis of the Setting in Short Story `Khilini` by Sheikh Ayaz

Short Story is a prosaic genre which has been adopted in Sindhi literature from English literature. In a short story, realities are produced in a fictional way. Technically, there are five main elements of a short story. These are Setting, Characterization, Plot, Theme and Point of View. All elements play very important role in construction of a short story. The setting is considered very important of these elements of a short story. Setting describes the time and place of the story. Sheikh Ayaz is a prestigious writer among the first Short Story writers in Sindhi literature. Twenty four short stories of Sheikh Ayaz are compiled by Dr Anwar ‘Figar’ Hakro in his book ‘Jey Tand Barabar Toryan’. In this research paper we have analytically studied the element of ‘Setting’ in short story titled as “Khilni” written by Sheikh Ayaz.

Raza Ali Qazi. (2020) شيخ اياز جي مختصر ڪهاڻي ‘کلڻي’جي ‘زمان و مڪان’ جو جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-13, Issue-1.
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