A Study of Lakshman Komal’s Ghazals

Lakshman Komal was particularly known for his poetry. He was a poet first and last, and his poetry is the prime source of his identity in India. He was well-aware of all the subtleties of poetry because, from his early age, he was fortunate to have the company of the eminent poets like Narayan Shiyam and PurIsram Ziya. Moreover, he had Harumal Sada rangani Khadim, an expert in prosody, as his teacher who conditioned him to be a matchless poet of Ghazals. Along with Ghazals he successfully composed Nazm (poem) and new poetry, yet his Ghazal perfectly meets the criteria of prosody and it is artistically flawless and highly sublime. The language of Lakshman Komal’s Ghazals is truly beautiful and polished. Though he started composing poetry in an age when Sindhi Ghazal was greatly under the influence of Persian patterns and comparisons, but his Ghazals indicate only a slight Persian influence. His Ghazals largely exude the fragrance of pure Sindhi tradition. There is profuse use of Hindi words in the Sindhi poetry of many Sindhi poets living in India, which is a natural sign of the influence of the land on their writings but Lakshman’s Ghazals seem to be completely free from such influence. In this article, the research has attempted to make a comprehensive study of Lakshman Komal’s Ghazals

Dr. Ehsan Danish. (2019) ڇمڻڪوملجاغزل :هڪاڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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