Artistic Experimentation in Modern Sindhi Doha

Every art is dynamic. When any art becomes static, it either becomes extinct or loses its freshness, beauty, vitality and relevance. There are some principles and values set for every kind of art. With the passage of time, changes occur in those values and principles. Forms of poetry, too, get refined through experiments in art. Art of any kind is directly related with or representative of a person's feelings and emotions. Doha is a two lined verse or a couplet. Modern poets, too, in order to create artistic variations in modern Doha, particularly in accordance with their own needs, feelings and emotions have carried out several new experiments in the usage of (Chhand) ڇند) Radif) رديف (Yati), etc pertaining to the structure and composition of Doha and through their experiments, they have broadened and greatly enhanced the artistic vastness of modern Sindhi Doha.

Mushtaq Gabol. (2019) جديد سنڌي دوهي ۾ فني تجربا, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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