A Study of the Personality and Writings of Kirshen Rahee

A poet, story writer, essayist and critic: Krishen Rahee needs no introduction in literary circles of Sind as well as Hind. He was born on 25th January 1932 and passed away on 16th April 2007. His full name was Krishen Sundar Das Wichhani. His wife, Maya Rahee is also a great writer of Sindhi language. After partition, Krishen Rahee was compelled to migrate to India with the members of his family. After doing bachelor in Arts (B.A) from University of Bombay, he bound a job and began to write literary works. Krishen also remained associated with ‘Sindhi Sahat Mandal’. His poetry as well as prose contains various colors of beautiful description of patriotism, realization of human relations, and passionate love for the people of Sind. A glance at his literary labor reveals that he has produced small but standard literary writings. In all, his five books have been published. This article presents a study of the poetry and prose of Krishen Rahee.

Cynthia Chandra Karni. (2019) ڪرشن راهي جي شخصيت ۽ سندس تحريرون, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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