The Art of Style-A Brief Analysis

The writer represents multifarious aspects of life via Novel, Drama, Short Story, Essay and other literary genres. These compositions quintessentially help us to understand social, political, religious and ethical values. The style has significant importance in literature. The writer gets his/ her subject-matter from the society and adorning this material with appropriate diction returns the same in an artistic form to the society. Peculiarly individualistic pattern is the hallmark of the Style. The characteristic uniqueness of Style of a writer enriches his subject's impact. Semantically style means- a way of expression, a particular mode, and expeditionary paragraphs embellished with exquisite phrases. A good writer must know the art of impressive Style. This article deals with this topic in a concise way.

Zakia Zehra. (2019) اسلوب جو فن: مختصر جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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