A Study of Tazkira Lutufi

Tazkira is derived from an Arabic word Zikr. Tazkira was initiated in Sind in Soomra period and the literary history of Sind was written on the basis of Tazkiras. Hidayatullah Tarik Najfi authored the first Tazkira, in Sindhi, which was translated into Urdu by Muhammad Hufeez-urRehman Hafeez and he got it published as Tazkira Shuara-e-Sind. After this, Moulana Deen Muhammad Wafai wrote Tazkira Mashaheer Sind. Tazkiras are written in different patterns in Sindhi: some are ordered according to periods, some according to years, some are ordered alphabetically, and some are without any specific order. Tazkira is also basically history and one has to pass through various phases of research to write a Tazkira. Tazkira Lutufi occupies the prominent place among such Tazkiras. This research article presents a review of the book: Tazkira Lutufi. Its first edition containing 13 chapters appeared in 1943. It was published by R H Ahmed and Brothers in Hyderabad. This study critically analyzes merits and certain drawbacks of the book within the parameters of research

Ali Nawaz Sharif. (2019) “تذڪره لطفي”جو تحقيقي اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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