A study of philosophical variations in the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif and Shaikh Ayaz

Shah Abdul Latif and Shaikh Ayaz both are outstanding poets of their age and represent socio-political radical metamorphosis in a philosophic syntax and idiom. Their poetic vision and wisdom invariably reflect multifarious hues and varied dimensions and focusing on these aspects enhances social consciousness. World’s renowned literary critics acknowledge Shah Abdul Latif as a Universal Poet. Shaikh Ayaz is also highly regarded as a Poet par excellence of the Twentieth century Sindh. He has been variously and vastly impacted by the contemporary literary movements, Marxism, Surrealism, Nationalism, Modernism, Classicism, Symbolism and Progressivism. Both of these poets of Sindh possess a unique individuality predicated on a superlative imaginative flight of fancy and a robust intellectualism. This article attempts to probe into their remarkable distinct poetic characteristics and variations

Hush Mohammad Bhutto, Dr. Tehmina Mufti. (2019) شاهه عبداللطيف جي ڪالم ۽ شيخ اياز جي شاعريَءجون فڪري آراڌائيون, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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