The Roots of Sindhi Language in the Vadic Era

This paper explores the antiquity of Sindhi Language with reference to the ancient Vedic Era, by tracing its roots in the Vedic Culture. It postulates that tracing the roots of Sindhi language in the Vedic Culture can act as a very tangible bridge connecting the ancient Sindhi language with the Proto-Dravidian language of Indus Valley Civilization, including with its pristine un-deciphered script. The attempt is predicated on a putative historical background. Endeavors have been initiated to discuss the parallel evolution of Sindhi and Sanskrit languages in the context of Vedic Culture through an analytic study of both the ancient languages. The researcher herein argues that being the language of the Elite Class (Aryans), inevitably preference was given to Sanskrit language. Consequently every sort of oral literature was narrated in the (holy) Sanskrit language. Meanwhile Sindhi remained a second language throughout the centuries resulting in the disappearance of the roots of Sindhi language and its gradual disconnection with the ProtoDravidian language of the Indus Valley Civilization. The praetorian Aryan violence and political hegemony demolished and uprooted the links between the Vedic Sindhi language and the ProtoDravidian Sindhi language. Most probably Sindhi is a Dravidian Language but later on after the dominance and influence of the Persian and Arabic languages, Sindhi has been included in the IndoAryan group of Languages.

Aziz Kangrani. (2019) سنڌيٻوليَءجونويدڪدؤر۾ َجُڙون, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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