A comparative study of the terms: Lughat, Kosh, Farhang and Qamoos

This study focuses on divergent synonyms and alternative words for the quintessential Book–Dictionary in different languages of the world, e.g. Lughat in Arabic, Kosh in Sanskrit, Shabdkosh in Hindi, Farhang and Lughatnama in Persian, Lughat and Qamoos in Urdu, Du Logota Ketab in Pashto, Lexicon in Latin, Dictionaries in French, and Lughat, Kosh and Akhar Patti in Sindhi. Sindhi Linguistics has a vast scope for an tapped substantial and comprehensive comparative studies in philology and semantics and this paper addresses this area in quest for wider horizons.

Riasat. (2019) لغت، ڪوش، لغت نامه،فرونگ۽ قاموس اصطالحن جو تقابلي جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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