Art and Principles of Editing in Writings

Editing has been introduced as an independent discipline in the publishing world with state of the art, cutting edge techniques, methodologies and know how. Advanced tools and principles have evolved and crystallized to attain its objectives, scope, and academic excellence and to develop latest /updated applications. Nowadays many Asian countries boast of large publishing institutions and corporations which firmly adhere to the imperatives of learning and practicing Editing as the be all and end all of their intellectual vision. Beside many universities, colleges, and teaching institutes and corporate sector bodies offer value added superior courses leading to master’s degrees in Editing .Seminars and workshops are part of the curricula there. Editing is an integrated organic component without editing a book, journal or a newspaper cannot even be imagined now. Urdu has a few articles on the subject, though English has an overwhelming literature on Editing. Present research article attempts to introduce the subject in Sindhi to help motivate the concerned to have training seminars and workshops for the interested professional editors or journalists.

Khalid Azad. (2019) تحرير جيايڊيٽنگ جو فن ۽ ان جا اصول, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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