A study of Alliteration in Maulvi Ahmad Mullah’s poetry

Maulvi Ahmad Mallah's unique poetry is an extravaganza panoply of stupendous Figures of Speech, especially mesmerizing Alliteration. He was a poet par excellence of Sindhi language with a superb command over both Sindhi /Hindi prosodical metres, besides an equal expertise in Arabic prosody .His masterpiece lyrical translation of Holy Quran in Sindhi and his superb compendium of Sindhi verses "Kuliyat e Ahmad” speaks volumes about his prosodical craftsmanship. Likewise his matchless usage of time honoured literary art of Alliteration, known as Tajnees Harfi in Persian is indeed the climax of his poetic genius in modern prose and poetry. The paper studies and encompasses a comprehensive collection of Alliterative treasure trove of the great poet in a fresh way and a mode of analytical data.

Dr. Altaf Jokio. (2019) مولوي احمد مالح جي شاعريَء ۾ تجنيس حرفيَء جو تحقيقي جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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