Dr. Gurbuxani's Dissertation: Mysticism in the early Nineteenth Century English Poetry-A critical study

The renowned scholar and the Bhittian expert and connoisseur Dr. Hotchand Molchand Gurbuxani edited and annotated the poetic compendium of Latif through a modern research -based framework. His painstaking studies into the world literature led him to the pinnacle of erudition. He was born in 1883 in Hyderabad and died on February 11,in 1947.In his highly scholarly Prologue to Shah jo Risalo ,popularly known as "Muqadama Latifi", he delved deep into the mysteries of Philosophy, aesthetics ,linguistics ,lexicography and various shades of pristine religion, interpreting these in the light of various disciplines :Tasawuf, Vedanta, Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity as seen through the prism of Sanskrit. Dr. Gurbuxani's Dissertation "Mysticism in the early nineteenth Century Poetry of England" is based on three leitmotifs (1) Sufism (2) The internal orders of Sufism and how to remove their inherent contradictions. (3) To arrive at a comprehensive definition of Tasawuf. This article undertakes a comparative study of important Nineteenth Century English poets with Oriental, Indian and Persian poets, with reference to their individual thought, mystical elements and actions. Its conclusion discovers a remarkable concurrence in their mystical perceptions and intellectual integrated processes. This homogeneity is achieved via contextual-syntactical findings by this study.

Dr. Tahmina Mufti. (2019) ڊاڪٽر گربخشاڻيَء جو تحقيقي مقالو: اڻويهين صديَء جي ابتدائي دور ۾ انگلينڊ جي شاعريَء ۾ تصوف -هڪ اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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