Analytical discourse on important anthologies of modern Sindhi short stories from 1942 -1947

Sindhi short stories had its genesis in 1914; the most remarkable was "Ado Abdul Rahman" by Amar Lal Hingorani written in 1930.Some books of Sindhi short stories were published in 1932, though later in 1942, Sindhi writers realistically depicted socio- political conditions like Quit India Movement and tense Hindu-Muslim relations. These writers tried to write about communal harmony and also preached sectarian unity and peace. Imperial role of the British colonial masters was exposed along with those of the capitalist exploiters and irascible feudal. Post World War Two calamities with economic and societal disasters caught short story writers' imagination and it resulted in a social awareness verging on nationalistic crusade via the power of pen. Proliferation of the printing press and publishers led to many great anthologies of short stories, the names thereof are mentioned in the article. A critical historical discourse brings back a nascent conscientious literary era. Now the present times need similar response as well.

Dr. Nawab Kaka. (2019) 1عکان 2491عتائين جديد سنڌي ڪهاڻيَءجا اهممجموعا :هڪ اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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