Insight into the concept of Women Empowerment in selected Sindhi novels

Women Empowerment has many definitions and this paper endeavors to analyze its meaning in the light of Sindhi novels. It stresses that certain good novels factually present freedom and empowerment from a genuine feminist and humanistic tender perspective. Feminism is the name of struggle against gender discrimination as it springs out of societal arcane and moribund prejudices and pre- conceived archaic sick notions, beliefs and biases. Since its inception in 1889 Sindhi novel portrays women's role as per every writers' perception as a lover and a supporter but women empowerment or freedom has not been fully delineated. The paper underlines the vital imperative to focus and project via fiction women struggle for social empowerment and create consciousness about her survival issues in a male dominated sadistic environment. The novels have been pivotal in performing this task effectively and this must continue as a social tool.

Hussain Musarat, Dr. Rehana Nazeer. (2019) چونڊ سنڌي ناولن ۾عورت جيخودمختياريَء جي تصور جو جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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