Archetypal / Myth Criticism

Archetype is widely recognized as an important critical approach in literary theory and analysis. It's genesis is in the academic theories of psycho-analysis propounded by Freud, but it has developed in the ultimate intellectual incubator of Jungian psychology and literary conundrums of Northrop Frye. They have blended the pristine lores, concepts and inscrutable ideas of ancient mythology in the crucible of our contemporary archetypical images. This paper is an analysis of the approach in the context of archetypal/Myth criticism with its components and description. This paper attempts to analyses Shaikh Ayaz's poem to highlight its significant features and elements. The researcher here appears to use a modern literary- psychological theory to help comprehend and unravel Ayaz’s poetic aesthetics, making a bold experiment syntactically

Dr. Mubarak Al-Shari, Aziz Qasmani. (2019) ادبي تنقيد جو ديوماالئي نظريو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-1.
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