A Brief Review of Curriculum of Sindhi Language

Sindhi is one of the ancient languages. In Sind, the practice of teaching Sindhi language is centuries old. It has been going on since Makhdoom Abul Hassan’s ‘Muqdamat-ul-Salwat’ to present day textbooks. After partition, Sind Education Department constituted a committee which prepared books on Sindhi language. Sind Textbook Board came into being in 1970. In the wake of 18th Amendment, Education department of Sind has formulated ‘Policy on Textbook and Learning Material’ for the preparation of textbooks. A textbook is generally perceived to be curriculum, which is not correct. Curriculum includes standard, phases of limitations, learning outcomes, subject and topics, teaching strategies, inquisition and evaluation, guidance for authors of textbooks, required teaching material and aids, and so on. So, it is completely incorrect to consider a textbook as curriculum. This article briefly reviews 2009 curriculum of Sindhi language.

Idrees Jatoi. (2019) سنڌي ٻوليَء جو نصاب: هڪ جائزو, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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