The development of Sindhi language in the modern age and the problems it faces

The article discusses the computational linguistics, natural language processing development, and language problems of Sindhi in the modern age. The Sindhi language is an indigenous language and it is read, written, and spoken in several countries of the world by Sindhi people. There is a good number of newspapers, magazines, social websites, blogs, and libraries, etc., that are available online in the Sindhi language which provide a large amount of data for research، corpus development, and linguistics analysis. This research study presents the computational linguistics and natural language process development as well as language and linguistics problems of Sindhi language to know the masses the current status of the language

Dr. Mazhar Ali Dhoti. (2019) جديد دور ۾ سنڌي ٻوليَء جي ترقي ۽ ان کي درپيش مسئا, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-12, Issue-2.
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