Short description of poetry of Qazi Qadan in aspect of Moral Values.

Qazi Qadan 1463-1551 is one of the basic and most significant poets of Sindhi language. His contribution towards the promotion of Sindhi poetry is highly commendable. In this regard he has been declared the pioneer of seminal & classical poetry. Although Qazi Qadan has conveyed the common message of love with nature and humanity, peace and prosperity but his poetic approaches & thoughts, representation of high moral values is a blessing and highly appreciable effort to create a peace and liberal environment in society. In this context so many notable scholar’s i.e Dr. Umar Bin Muhammad Daoodpoto, Dr Nabi Bakhsh Khan Baloch, Heero Thakur and others have also praised his poetic philosophy and approaches. In this paper I have presented short description of his poetry in respect of human moral values, which he has presented in his poetry.

Rab Deno. (2018) قاضي قادن جي شاعريَء۾اخالقي قدرن جوبيان, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-2.
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