Dr. Arjun shad`s Poetry and Research: A study

Dr. Arjun Gobindram Mirchandani was famously known by the pen name "Arjun Shad". He was the very first Sindhi research scholar of University of Mumbai . He was recipient of Doctorate on his dissertation “Sindhi Ghazal" from the University of Mumbai. In 1973, he was appointed as lecturer in University of Mumbai. Subsequently, he was appointed Head of Sindhi Department. Many students were awarded degree of MA, M.Phil. and Ph.D. under his scholarly guidance. He had a genius for metrical composition. He was a multifarious poet, imaginative thinker, drama writer, essayist and researcher. Around 1940 he was about 16 years of age when he forayed into the field of poetry. He had a bosom friend like Kavi Kishanchand Bevas, Hundraj Dukhayal, Prabhu wafa and Hari Dilgir. He inherited the poetic tradition from his association with Kavi Kishanchand Bevas. He achieved a rare distinction in the field of poetry. He dedicated precious moments of his life in the creation of his unique poetry. Dr. Arjun Shad was the chairman & member of many academic bodies/institutions. Member of Academic advisory boards and `Sindhi Advisory board` at the government level and was member of Film Censor Board. Before partition he penned a book with the title "Naon Daur" After partition he compiled four books on poetry and published a book on Criticism. This is how his life had progressed from a prolific poet to a gifted researcher.

Dr. Sindhia Chandra Kandnani. (2018) ڊاڪٽر ارجن شاد جي شاعري۽ تحقيق: هڪ اڀياس, Sindhi Boli (Research Journal), Volume-11, Issue-2.
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